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CUSSOC - CUlture e Studi del SOCiale - Scientific Journal (ISSN 2531-3975)


The proposals, in Italian or English, will be submitted to double blind peer review and the editorial board will communicate the decision to the author(s) within 60 days. The board reserves the right to publish papers in a EU language different from Italian and English.

The front page of the paper, separated from the rest of the text, shall contain the title of the article, the name and the affiliation of the author(s), his/her address and e-mail. The papers can bear footnotes.


The papers of the section "Saggi" (monographic section, between 35.000 and 60.000 characters, including footnotes, references and spaces) can be theoretical or empirical, on the basis of the keywords or the call for papers, always respecting aims and scope of the journal. Papers must be divided into paragraphs.


The papers of the section "Esperienze e confronti" (between 25.000 and 40.000 characters, including footnotes, references and spaces) are related to the results of studies on individual experiences (local, national and/or international), or reports that compare different territorial areas, within sociology or other humanities and social sciences, always respecting aims and scope of the journal.


The papers of the section "Note e commenti" (between 9.000 and 25.000 characters, including footnotes, references and spaces) present experiences, projects and critical reflections on interventions, social policies, at diverse territorial level and/or in specific field of social intervention. The section also includes comments and reflection on publications, both Italian and international, related to social policies and social sciences. Furthermore, this section can include short unpublished texts, of both classical and contemporaneous authors, chosen by the Scientific Committee of the journal or proposed by others.



Manuscript Preparation


Language: Manuscripts are accepted in Italian or English. British English spelling and punctuation are preferred. The board reserves the right to publish papers in a EU language different from Italian and English.



Manuscript Types and Style


Authors must send the paper that does not contain the identifying information of the author / s to guarantee anonymity during the double-blind peer review procedure through the OJS platform. 


The APA Style (download PDF "Quick Orientation To APA Style - 5th Edition") has to be used both in the text and in the references list (Times New Roman; Font size: 10). 

Title Page: The title page, should have no page number and is submitted separately from the rest of the text, will include the title, the name of the author(s), affiliation(s), address(es) and e-mail for correspondence. In case of more than one author, the corresponding author needs to be indicated.

Page Layout: top 3cm; bottom: 3,5cm; left: 4cm; right: 4cm; header: 2 cm; footer: 2 cm

Title: Times New Roman 16, italics

Authors' Names: Times New Roman; Font Size: 11, italics (Full name of authors: First name and Family name)

Affiliations:  Times New Roman; Font Size: 10 (Department, University, City, Country - telephone number - e-mail)

Abstract: Every manuscript submitted for any of the sections must be accompanied by an abstract, which should contain no more than 150/200 words.

Keywords: No more than three keywords need to be provided.

Text: Times New Roman; Font Size: 11; The text is single-spaced; use italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses);

Headings of Sections should be concise. (First Level): Times New Roman; Font Size:11, italics; (Second Level): Times New Roman; Font Size: 11.

Text in Tables: Times New Roman; Font Size: 9

Illustrations, Figures, Images and Tables: are to be placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end. It is also highly recommended that figures and data necessary to create each figure are sent as separate files.

Footnotes: Any additional notes to the main text must be included as footnotes. Times New Roman; Font Size: 9 


Anonymity for Peer-review:


Each manuscript submitted to Journal will be subject to double-blind peer reviewing. Authors need to make sure that the manuscript does not include any information that can give away their identity.


The key items that need to be observed are the following:

  • Names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript need to be removed
  • The third person should be used when referring to work the authors have previously undertaken, e.g. phrases like "as we have explained elsewhere" with "... has been explained elsewhere [Anonymous, 2014].
  • Figures should not contain any affiliation or name of author
  • Papers published by the author in the text should be cited:  '[Anonymous, 2014]'
  • In the reference list omit all publications by the authors substituting the reference with:  '[Anonymous 2014] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing'.
  • References to funding sources should be omitted
  • Acknowledgments should not be included
  • Names and properties of documents should be checked to ensure anonymity.