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CUSSOC - CUlture e Studi del SOCiale - Scientific Journal (ISSN 2531-3975)


The journal Culture e Studi del Sociale is a scientific journal that provides a space of discussion and reflection (theoretical and empirical) among scholars, operators and civil society, within humanities and social sciences. Oriented to international collaborations, CuSSoc aims to be a place of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue, which encourages the discussion without forgetting the classical studies of the individual disciplines and the research on emerging phenomena.


Research results should have an important impact on political decision, on processes of formation, change and development, as well as on the integration of theories and paradigms. Therefore, the target is promoting reflections which encourage the dialogue among disciplines on the elements which favour/hinder social change, starting from analysis, evaluation and confrontation of different realities.


The classical subjects of sociology and other humanities and social sciences and the analysis on the transformations of welfare represent an important part of the journal, but also imagery, everyday life, human rights are an important part, along with the study of emerging phenomena. Although being open to all contributions and easing the exchange of ideas, the journal privileges some topics. Among them: social policies; social imagery and role of image in the present societies, comprehensive sociology; sociology of knowledge; bodies, sport and nature; music and society; religions and new religiosity; new technologies and sociality, etc.


The journal, therefore, aims to be a generator of ideas and proposals to understand and interpret the social complexity and provide contributions for the innovative and sustainable policies.



Registration to the Tribunal of Nocera Inferiore, Salerno (Italy) n. 8 of 19/10/2015

Managing Director - Prof. Emiliana Mangone